Earth Day 2021

Celebrating Earth Day 2021 at the Midway Kitchen in Grandview, OH

The first Earth day of the year on which the first new year can be proclaimed was on April 22, 1921. An Act of Parliament declared that the Earth should be “eminently beautiful” on that day and all visitors should observe “improvement of the environment”. A rose tree was planted in remembrance of Queen Elizabet of Hungary who was the first to plant a flower in the grave of King Solomon. Two days later the first official national environmental museum was opened in London.

The events of the year twenty-one continued on in vain with the building of the South Polar Research Centre (SPRCA). The centre became a world leader in Arctic research. On April twenty first a further Statute of Limitations for laying a wreath on the south pole was added to the British Monuments Act. This act enabled that the last ploughing of the land by the monks of Eger had been completed.

Midway Kitchen in Grandview on Earth day.

The festivities on earth day-themed events included a spectacular display of fireworks by the Lake District Power Company and a huge concert by the glam rock band Sonic Youth. On the second day a garden party was held at the Science Museum with a theme of “creepy cottages”. The guest of honor was the comedian Paul McKenna. Sci-tech discovery center managers Michael Caine and Bill Nye were guests of honor along with Sir Peter James Capretto, the former British Prime Minister. There were also special programs on solar energy with a special appearance by ex-vice president Al Gore.

On the second weekend of April the famous South Bank Show took place. It featured performances by artists such as Will Young and The Roxy Band as well as a puppet show. Guests of the Keiler Public Library were treated to an educational play about the Earth’s climate.

An interactive feature of the celebration on earth day was the virtual run challenge. The winners were those who achieved the least number of miles in a virtual run from one virtual location to another. A virtual run is really a marathon! Guests were challenged to complete a virtual run within a certain time period. They were informed of the time at the beginning of the challenge and again at the end. It was great fun to see all the people working together to beat the clock.

For another fun activity participants were to visit the virtual Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the San Francisco skyline. At the conclusion of the event participants were to visit one of the many wine country vineyards in the area. Participants were also permitted to purchase wineries’ gift baskets at the end of the celebration.

The party also featured a “Wicked Bold Vegans” cookout. There was a time when we were not able to eat all our fruits and vegetables. The idea of a “Wicked Bold Vegan Kitchen” seemed like a fabulous idea to help us get into the right mindset for eating vegetables. Guests were asked to bring a recipe card and as they cooked their dishes they were permitted to add some items such as tofu, hemp seeds and olives.

There were also several vendors at the event selling different types of delicious vegetarian foods including a craft fair, a deli, baked goods, coffee and tea, gluten free ice cream and even a sit down restaurant. The event was a great success with guests coming dressed in their most comfortable attire, enjoying the tasty foods and relaxing while learning and having fun. The event was co-sponsored by the Red Cross and participants were treated to a free concert by local groups featuring the hottest music in the world. There was a silent auction with proceeds going to benefit the Earth day mission.

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