Five Unique Riverside Community Gardens

Rodeo Roses: This is a beautiful Riverside community garden that combines two of California’s favorite pastimes – gardening and hanging out. With easy access down to the Los Angeles River, the Riverside Community Garden was designed for active people who enjoy working outdoors and taking a bit of stress off their busy schedules. It includes raised beds and a combination of containers and ground covers. There is room to grow most types of plants you can dream up. Plan a visit today.

The River Walk: This is a large garden bed that has a central stage for events, a skateboard ramp for church members and children, as well as picnic tables and a pavilion for socializing. This site is perfect for events like wedding parties, graduations or a school fair. The raised beds are built on skid-resistant cement pads, which eliminate the problem of slipping. Water is draining from deep down into the center of the bed, so there is no standing water to worry about. This is a lovely place for a family reunion or a friendly cookout with friends.

The Food Forest: There is an entire section of this greenspace where food is grown throughout the year in giant beds. There are plantings of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The main food forest will have seasonal flowers throughout the year, but for the second and third seasons, annuals and perennials are planted. Annuals are typically used by churches, offices and schools, while perennials are used for covering pathways, creating shade for small gardens, and creating a colorful backdrop for gardens in the hills. This area also houses a community garden, which is provided primarily for food growing in place of flowers.

The Children’s Garden: This section of Riverside Community Garden is designed for children of all ages, with a focus on building healthy imaginations. The Riverside community gardens are designed around a theme of building healthy active bodies. There are raised beds throughout the gardens, which are built on an incline to mimic the movement of large creatures like birds. Along one of the raised beds there are a playpen for children, complete with toys, wooden blocks and other pieces. Throughout the season there are guided play activities in the space, as well as nature programs for kids to partake in.

River View allotments: These are the largest and most lush areas of Riveride Community Gardens. There are twenty-two acres of devoted space for community gardens, each of which is designed around a riverbank view. When the weather is nice, residents can sit and enjoy their gardens while watching the movements of birds through the trees that border the allotment.

The Vegetable Garden: Vegetables are the number one food source for people living in underserved areas. There are twenty-two acres of dedicated space for River View gardens, which are designed around five main food groups. These include three vegetable groups; onions, zucchini and peppers. There is also over a thousand plant varieties of fruits, melons, berries, herbs, and vegetables. This is also a great place to host community events, cookouts, concerts, and other gatherings.

riverside community garden

The Butterfly Garden: Butterflies make their home in Riverside gardens, and Rochard gardens have been known to draw thousands of them every spring. Over ten thousand different butterfly species can be found in the area. Many of these species are migratory, so you will not likely see them in your city unless you go to a really crowded area, like San Francisco. The over three thousand butterfly bush plants in the area attract many species. The Rochard gardens even contain a butterfly tunnel for the local butterflies.

The Green Roof: Even though most of the community gardens are located on a gravel bed, the green roofs provide much needed shade for the plants. The roof provides shade for the whole year, and at night it acts as an insulation layer. It helps prevent temperatures from getting too hot or too cold, which makes it a great addition to the community garden. Plus, the beds will remain cooler even when the summer sun is beating down, resulting in fewer cool days in the summer.

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