Growing Up With Your Own Community Garden

The Ocean Beach Community Garden has been a wonderful success since being established in 1971. The Garden has provided a venue for the community’s children to play while at the same time teaches them how to love gardening while having fun in the process. Although many children take part in the weekly and monthly community gardening events, there are also those who do not want to get involved because they feel like this is too much work for them. They are generally those that do not have much experience with gardening and want something that they can just watch and do without much involvement.

This is where the Ocean Beach Community Garden comes in. The Garden is designed with the children in mind, with an area set up specifically for playtime where they can sit and play while the kids help to tend to the plants and the flowers. The Garden offers plenty of greens for the kids to help with like: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, spinach, onions, avocados, lettuce, squash, and more. In addition, there are also: Beans, Bok Choy, Carrot slices, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Pumpkin, and more!

Besides helping the kids enjoy themselves, Ocean Beach Community Gardens has also created so many memories that the community residents can hold onto. Many of the friendships formed between the kids and the community gardens have lasted a lifetime and counting. Some of those friendships have even moved on to become annual events as the kids age and move on to different schools. When a child graduates from Ocean Beach High School, they may choose to go off to college and the garden can be a welcoming place for them to learn about all of the plants and animals they will see when they do go out into the real world. By teaching these important life lessons while growing up in a community garden setting, kids will always know how to take care of their gardens and will never be sorry that they put in the time to do it.

As wonderful as it is for the parents of the students to see their kids enjoying themselves and excelling in school, it is even more amazing for the parents of the community garden to see their children have fun while working hard to take care of their garden. At Ocean Beach High School, the garden is open to the community three times each year. For the summer months, it is open to the public, but only for a limited time. This is because the majority of the staff and gardeners are in school full time and only able to work during school hours. The teachers and staff also try to help the kids set up their gardens by giving them helpful hints and tips about how to make their gardens look the best.

Most kids will want to set up and grow a vegetable garden right away. If you can help them with this, it will make it more fun for them and you get to show off your gardening talents as well. The key is to let them help you set up and take care of it. By doing this, they will learn responsibility and will feel like they are really helping out, even if they are simply standing around in a spot being watched.

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It is important for kids to learn how to protect the plants that they plant. They also need to know that all of the plants are edible and do not have to be treated with chemicals when picked. The kids will also need to understand that a hole in the ground will need to be covered so that the sun doesn’t dry out the plant. You can teach these things by following instructions in your gardening book or online.

While most kids will be content to sit in the grass and watch the sun go down, there are some who would much rather do something else.

  • There is no harm or loss when letting them get up and help you weed, water, and fertilize. If you are having difficulty with your own garden, you may even consider getting an aid kit for the kids.
  • There are kits that have everything that you will need to get your community gardens up and running. These kits are perfect for children from young teens right up to elementary school age.

Your Ocean Beach Community Garden will be a great place for your kids to play and learn about nature. It will also give them some wonderful examples of what they can do once they grow up. This kind of learning experience will only strengthen their eco-minded values at a young age and will serve as a foundation for their future. So not only will your kids enjoy growing their own vegetables in your garden, but they will also learn about the responsibility of environmental conservation.

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