Pembroke Pines Attractions

Pembroke Pines, located in central Broward County, Florida is a community located northwest of Miami. The community of Pembroke Pines consists of eight neighborhoods and is officially known as the City of Pembroke. Pembroke Pines attractions are many. This includes an abundance of wildlife within the community.

The Florida Panther is one of many species found in the Pembroke Pines Florida. Pembroke Pines preserves have been established for many exotic species throughout the years. The preserves also offer opportunities to enjoy the wildlife of central Florida. These include the black bear, sugar glider, lechwe, European bison, the Florida black butterfly, and the Florida Sugar Glider.

A variety of other wildlife can be found in Pembroke Pines as well. These animals include the spotted flycatcher, tree squirrel, harlequin bird, the spotted deer, the yellow-collared mouse, and the scrub tiger. These and many more species can be found in Pembroke Pines. For those who enjoy water activities, Pembroke Pines offers the Pembroke River, the largest freshwater system in the entire state of Florida. This river is also part of the National Wildlife Refuge system.

  • For families, Pembroke Pines offers numerous locations for fun and adventure. These activities include dogboat racing, wakeboarding, golfing, horseback riding, swimming, and more. The Pembroke Lakes State Reserve has nature trails and a picnic area. The reserve is also home to a restored historic structure that was once a home to five families. Other activities in the area include camping, boating, swimming, hiking, and bicycling.
  • For those who enjoy art and culture, Pembroke Pines offers several local studios and galleries. These galleries display local art and crafts. In addition to art and culture, there are Pembroke Pines’ festivals. These festivals celebrate various things, including food, music, and culture. The Palm Beach County Arts Association holds several festivals throughout the year. Other festivals celebrate health, nature, and community.

A great place to enjoy nightlife is at the Pembroke Pines Inn & Country Club. This club features fine dining and poolside entertainment. The Inn offers many activities such as golf, tennis, indoor and outdoor concert stages, boat tours, fine dinners, and much more. This establishment is located just minutes from the Pembroke Lakeside and Pembroke Pines Memorial Park.

A few hours away from the busy Pembroke Pines area is the historic Candiway Resort. The Resort offers many activities for all ages. This is a great way to spend a sunny day, surrounded by friendly people. This resort offers activities such as swimming, water skiing, sailing, and biking. The resort is located just two miles from the lakes.

Pembroke Pines restaurants.

There are many Pembroke Pines restaurants located in the area. Of course you can always visit your favorite local restaurant. The Pembroke dining options are located throughout the area. All Pembroke Pines restaurants have fine dining and casual dining options.

If you are looking for an activity that is a little out of the ordinary, Pembroke Pines has many outdoor activities. There is an abundance of golf courses located here. There are five full golf courses located in the area. These golf courses are owned and operated by the Pembroke family.

The Pembroke Polo Club is located in Pembroke Pines. This club hosts polo tournaments at the conclusion of each season. The Pembroke Peninsula Aquarium is also located in the area. This aquarium houses over twenty different species of tropical fish. You will not want to miss watching a crab attempting to land on a fish!

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, Pembroke Pines is the perfect choice for you. The surrounding atmosphere is calm and serene. It’s serene, because Pembroke Pines is located right on the Georgia coast, right off the Georgia Southern coast. The water temperature is around seventy-two eight at most times during the year. Winter is usually warm with temperatures around sixty-one.

As you can see, there are many things for you to do while you’re vacationing in Pembroke Pines. These are only a few of the many attractions located in Pembroke Pines. Pembroke Pines has many great things to offer. It’s truly a place for all seasons.

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