If you are looking for a good Christian school for your troubled child there are plenty of options available. Troubled teens are often very sensitive to criticism and rejections and therefore tend to have a very fragile self-esteem. They need to reassure from people who are important to them. This is where Christian schools for troubled teens come into play. They work hard to help the child develop a healthy self-image so that they can tackle their problems with confidence. Below are some of the schools for troubled teens that you might want to consider.

Christian boarding schools One of the best Christian schools for troubled teenagers that is available today is a boot camp for teenagers called Love Keepers. The program is led by Gary Thomas and lasts for eight weeks. The purpose of these boot camps is to restore troubled teenagers to their normal or biblical lives. There is something positive about attempting to help these teenagers in a warm, friendly, Christian-based environment instead of in a harsh, punitive juvenile detention facility. The program offers group therapy as well as individual counseling with Bible study and homework.

Family therapy One of the most effective ways to treat troubled teens is through therapeutic family therapy. In a family therapy session with the parents and the teenage boys and girls, the parents can discuss the issues that have been bothering the family can work on solutions together. These therapeutic sessions may consist of individual counseling with the adolescent as well.

Substance abuse The focus of substance abuse programs at schools for troubled teens is the biological causes of addictive behavior. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for the abuse, it is imperative to understand the underlying mental or psychological dynamics that have brought the problem on. These programs require in-depth interviews with the students and adolescents. Parents are assessed as well to determine any possibility of drug or alcohol dependency. Specific programs are designed to meet the needs of the students for behavioral therapy, social support, life skills and relapse prevention.

Mental health Schools for troubled teens that offer mental health services focus on disorders that have been diagnosed and can be treated using a range of psychological therapies. These services also include:

  1. special care plans
  2. treatment plans for children.

Specialty schools for emotionally and physically abused children are also offering a variety of psychological therapies in both the outpatient and inpatient forms. Counselors have the expertise to provide individualized services to the teenagers, while other schools employ full-time, licensed psychotherapists.

Adolescent therapy A school sometimes has to choose between inpatient and outpatient therapy. For the children and adolescents that continue to need special attention even after receiving treatment from other options, there are schools for troubled adolescents offering residential treatment or therapeutic boarding schools. Therapeutic boarding schools provide the same type of positive behavioral intervention that any facility would, but allow the troubled adolescent to stay at home with the staff instead of in a facility. Residential treatment allows the adolescent to receive individualized care and the opportunity to participate in aftercare after leaving the school. The therapeutic boarding schools also provide the same type of socialization activities that any other school would offer.

Drug abuse Treatment for the children and teenagers that come to the attention of a school may include drug abuse treatment, alcohol abuse treatment or substance abuse treatment. A school may consider only those troubled teens who are in need of substance abuse or alcohol abuse, or may consider all of the troubled teens in the facility. Substance abuse treatment may include detoxification, counseling, education and other resources that help the troubled teenager deal with issues around substance abuse and addiction.

School counselors also work with other school staff members and faculty to develop school safety policies that provide guidelines for appropriate behavior and response when encountering behavioral issues or when the presence of troubled teens is suspected. Many schools have developed policies that are designed to protect the well being of students, staff and school property. These policies address the issues of bullying and other behavioral issues. In addition to the safety policies, many schools also have wilderness therapy programs available for struggling teens. Troubled teenagers that need extra support and assistance with behavioral issues can often be found in wilderness therapy programs. These programs focus on the emotional as well as the physical aspects of growing up while developing skills and coping with problems.

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