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Why Pick Ogier Gardens Unfold For Your Wedding?

Ogier Gardens is situated in Wiltshire, England. It is a landscaped garden that has been around since the 1950s. The name stands for Older Fathers Gardens and it was built by a farmer called John Ogier. His sons kept the farm and it was sold to a Mr Jones in Birmingham, England in the late nineteen sixties. Since its establishment, the garden has expanded to more than twelve thousand gardens covering almost fifteen thousand acres of land.

The main feature of this type of garden is that the older heirloom types are retained but the newer ones are designed and created by modern gardeners. There is no doubt that most of the gardens that can be found here have a very traditional look about them. The trees that are grown here are mostly deciduous and some of them are quite old. These trees have been chosen because they have hardiness values of over fifty years and they do not require a lot of maintenance. They also make excellent cuttings for the garden.

The other key characteristic of this type of garden is that there are many types of plants that can be found here. These range from evergreens to some rare ones. In addition, you can also find many varieties of flowers that add a touch of colour to the garden. The hedges and bushes in the garden can also be varied as they can be found here or in other parts of the world. Some examples are pansies, asters, freesias, phlox, coltsfoot and many more.

Pick Ogier Gardens.

There are also some interesting features found in this kind of garden. For example, the ponds provide a great place where one can spend a few hours. You can fish either alone or with your family. One can also have a nice stroll here or go on a bike ride. The views from the ponds are really something to see. Many people also enjoy having a walk along the paths that lead to the buildings in the area.

Other attractions include the medieval church found in the area. This has been converted into a museum where you can get to learn all about the life in the town during the Middle Ages. If you have children, you can also take them to the Medieval Village, which also serves as a park with an amusement center. All these can help you to relax and enjoy your time in Ogier Gardens Unfolds.

You can also experience a taste of the French culture at this French-inspired garden. This is a garden that is designed by the world famous artist, Vincent Ollivant. This is another reason why Ogier Gardens Unfolds is such a great destination for lovers. The gardens feature plants and flowers that resemble those of France.

The garden can be reached by the railway station. You can even walk there if you feel like taking a walk while admiring the scenery. But if you would like to stay put at the comfort of your home, you can simply choose to book your hotel in the vicinity. For a more affordable option, you can rent a houseboat. The houseboats are usually located near the gardens and the railway station.

The townspeople are very welcoming and helpful. And because the place is so close to the sea, it has a warm and charming feel to it. You can plan a family outing and spend quality time with your kids. Also, the gardens are surrounded by water and it creates a very unique environment that you will definitely love to visit. It also boasts of a large variety of flowers and plants that you will surely fall in love with. Enjoy your stay in Ogier Gardens Unfold and you will surely fall in love with this charming French inspired garden!

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